The captivating journey of an African Brand & Growth Strategist

Frequently Asked Questions

From the start of my career in as early as 2006, I was always fascinated about business growth and all things branding.

While working in different industries like multimedia, entertainment & Information Technology while in Africa and Asia, I was able to assist a host of businesses (enterprise & startups) to achieve measurable growth based on their business goals and to stand out from the competition.

I am a firm believer in the use of digital technology as an enabler to harness the growth of businesses whether it’s on the marketing/communication front ( digital marketing ) or the operational or management front ( software & tools ).

As a brand and growth strategist, I work closely with clients to translate their challenges into strategic and tactical actionable steps that are in sync with their business goals.

– Project Management
– Business Process optimisation
– Content Marketing
– CRM / Email Marketing / Marketing automation
– Brand Strategy
– Digital Strategy
– Podcasting
– SEO (Audit, Traffic strategy, keyword research, link building)
– Design thinking

1. The One Question Network (ONEQN)

The One Question Network (ONEQN) is a people-centric and growth-focused online platform founded in 2012 with a mission of showcasing a variety of uniquely gifted personalities that are positively impacting their communities, whether it’s where they live or around the world.

2. G-52 Inspirational

G-52 Inspirational is a music marketing agency founded in 2013 with a keen focus on the creation, promotion and packaging of content that promotes Christ and speaks life to the world.

3. The Wowjournal by Samuel Kamugisha

The WowJournal is a collection of content, captivating talent and loads of creative work. Samuel Kamugisha founded this to serve as a foundation of resources to ignite people’s creativity via a conduit of inspiration.

4. The WowFactor Podcast with Samuel Kamugisha

The WowFactor podcast is hosted by Samuel Kamugisha and he hosts a diverse array of talent. Highlighting the different captivating activities that they are doing to change the world.

5. The AfricanJournal.co

The AfricanJournal.co, is a content warehouse that exclusively features African Solutions & Africa’s inventions. It’s also a spotlight on the founders that have taken the confident journey leading their innovations into fruition.

My Mission

Grow Effectively

Helping businesses / brands craft their path to success is my area of keen focus. 

What they say about me

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