The WowJournal by Samuel Kamugisha


The Power of Wow!

The WowJournal is a collection of content, captivating talent and loads of creative work. Samuel Kamugisha founded this to serve as a foundation of resources to ignite people’s creativity while serving as a conduit of inspiration.

The Wowjournal has two major categories that include :

1.The WowFactor Podcast

The WowFactor podcast is hosted by Samuel Kamugisha and he hosts a diverse array of talent. Highlighting the different captivating activities that they are doing to change the world.

Some of the covered topics include: Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding, Business, Brand Strategy Marketing, Growth, Entertainment, Arts & Creativity

20 Guests 21 Episodes 1000s Plays

2. The WowCaseStudies

The WowCaseStudies is a collection of breathtaking Case studies, captivating ad campaigns, creative ads, witty ad concepts with the inclusion of Samuel’s “two cents” and featuring what precisely Wowed him

Kenneth Chan-Podcast Poster
spotify-wrapped-2020 - WowFactor Podcast
Karyl - WowFactor Quotes - 1
Nataliey Bitature - WowFactor Podcast- Master

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