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The Power of “Why”

The right questions!

Yes, we are back to that topic again , i wrote a post about it two months ago and it was mainly drawing attention to a variety of questions that you need to ask in order to gain clarity of your existence .

But today we are focusing on Just one :


As Simple as that three letter word looks ,it helps you define context to which our sets of answers are going to be phrased.

Ok , we are getting a little poetic here,so, let me give you some context.


Let’s take the case that you are going to start a business ,these are the sets WHYs you have to set ahead to help you in the brainstorming process:

WHY am I doing this business?

This question would activate the inquisitiveness  and go further into understanding the intricate details of the business and further help you justify why you have taken on that business venture.

WHY would clients come to me instead of my competition?

Here you would have to define your Unique Selling Point or your “wow factor” that would drive the business your way past the competition.

So, those are the “WHYs” for the business side ,let’s change the context and fix it towards career development and see the “WHYs” we seek:

WHY do you need this promotion?

This question seeks to find out the necessity of your promotion,

Is it because you have served for long without one?

Is it because you have exceeded your KPIs?

WHY do you need the promotion now and not next time?

This question goes ahead to find out what amount of value are you adding to the organisation and that it would be more crucial to reward you with the promotion now rather than later.

For instance , you may be bringing in swooping high amount of sales and achieving your Key Performance Indicators faster than the majority of the team thus placing you at the valuable side of the firm and surely worth keeping. Therefore the promotion of the present would serve as motivation to work harder

So , No matter the context ,the WHY question is very crucial in starting your thinking and planning process.

Therefore before we go into execution mode lets ask more “WHYs”.

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