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How being uncomfortable gets you great results

I know by reading that headline you’re probably wondering what’s going through my mind,oh well,this is how it all started.I was in the KL Sentral train terminal awaiting my connect train to Putrajaya , a random thought came to me concerning being in a comfort zone.

So I decided to tweet something about it:

Samuel - Tweet

This Makes sense,when in our comfort zones we tend to get used to any given situation ,get sloppy and the productivity is bound to reduce.Throwing more light on “Uncomfortable” activities I would like to mainly term these as the changes in the usual work schedule so as to get a set goal. For instance incase you want to get a muscular body,you would have to put in great amount of gym hours and have a good diet.Further more these  “Uncomfortable” activities always take a toll of your mental strength and always breaks the status quo.

Gym time

When you look at the high achievers like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) , Warren Buffet and many other high achievers what they mainly have in common that they don’t settle for mediocrity and sore high to reinvent themselves and their ideas and this can’t be achieved while sitting back doing same things with the same methodology.

So,you shouldn’t expect unique results from using the same methodology and lets do something for a change and do the painful and gainful stuff.

First posted : 7th September 2016

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