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Eagles don’t fly with Pigeons

Eagles don’t fly with Pigeons 😎 Well, Pigeons and Eagles are both birds with similar traits like feathers, wings and many others. But if we carefully assess the Eagle .

We discover that it has unique traits like :

  • Wider wings
  • Larger body
  • Long and strong claws for defence and hunting
  • Amazing eyesight
  • Winners attitude (😁)

All its unique traits give it an advantage over other birds and the only ones that can equate to them are Eagles themselves.

So if we realign the analogy of an Eagle to Leadership. Leaders characters are developed with the consistent facing of adversity/challenges and this encourages them to continually strength their attitude so as to attain excellence.

Furthermore they have renew themselves with new knowledge to stay abrest with the trends and stay alert and this is similar to the Eagle that shade off all their feathers and grow a fresh new set.

What I truly see as interesting, when leaders meet they can easily get along due to the similarity of experiences.

I would like send a big thanks to Kenneth Chan Mun Kean for inviting me for hashtagLinkedInLocalKL , it was great to meet fellow Eagles.

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