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Hi There! I’m Samuel ―
Brand Architect & Growth Specialist

Samuel Kamugisha is a prolific creative master piece hailing from Uganda in East Africa. He possesses expound knowledge in Marketing (offline and Digital), Business/Creative Strategy, Brand Development and project management that he attained from various fields.

Samuel has over eleven years of working experience in Africa and Asia. He currently works full time in the Project Management department at the prestigious iProspect Malaysia and Lemonade Agency that are Denstu Aegis Network Companies.

Samuel previously served as a lead designer for a wide array of clientele while at Columbus Agency Malaysia.One of the most pivotal moments was winning the Marketing Excellence award (2017) for the;”Happiness in the City campaign” for Lafarge Cement Malaysia. He took on the centric role being lead designer and assistant creative lead for campaign. (April 2017 – July 2018 )

Furthermore as the Creative Director & Co-founder of Zyee Idyaz Limited ,he was instrumental in setting up the creative department for the IT and Marketing firm and he significantly bagged a variety of high level projects like undertaking the brand development of Miss Tourism 2013,development of brand Materials for the Ugandan High commission in Kuala Lumpur,Uchumi Supermarkets and to mention but a few. (Apr 2012 – July 2015 )

Samuel did not entirely commence his career in the Tech world but rather in sales at Pet Care firm called Pets Alley Uganda Limited that happened to be the biggest Pet Care Shop in Uganda.

He worked exponentially well with high business mastery and was later promoted as the Manager Operations. In his five year regime as Manager Operations, he championed the building of the firm’s product distribution network that serviced clients in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, D.R Congo and South Sudan. Furthermore he fostered great partnerships with Fisheries Associations in Uganda and he transformed Pets Alley into a go-to place for fish farmers to buy aquarium products at discounted rates from internationally accredited brands like Sera GMBH, Marltons & Boyu. ( Dec 2006 – March 2012 )

The Founding Journey

The One Question Network (ONEQN)

He founded a content network in 2012 that would help expose unique talent and promote positive content. His main drive was to have a central platform that would highlight reputable aspects of personalities with the intent to activate forward thinking and positive community change. As the founder and lead content strategists he managed to have ONEQN as one of the media partners promoting Holly Tucker’s Concert in Uganda, Sponsor for Angels Forum , Support social media partner for Bank Of Africa Carboot sale and so many more. (June 2012 – July 2015 )

G-52 Inspirational

His passion for music with a purpose (Gospel & Inspirational Music) drove him to found a music agency. The main purpose was to market Gospel and Inspirational music at internationally acceptable standards which  involved the distribution of music to a network of Djs all over the globe and handling artists PR management. while serving Founder and Team Lead he was at the forefront of championing massive collaborative projects The Eternity Riddim – African Release Project ,The Decree2819 Project (Afro-Asian Commission)  , The Amen 10D Mix and many more. These projects brought about unique partnerships from several countries.



They Say

His ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. No matter how tense a meeting, Sam made sure everyone left with a smile.
Abdullah Alkury

— Abdullah Alkury

Chief Executive Officer at Shaves2U

Samuel loves challenges and he takes those challenges like eating candy. I have worked with Samuel in the same team and he was an important asset to the team in order to guide and give us amazing ideas. He has a positive mind with a strong will.
Satish Kumar Raja Mohan

— Satish Kumar Raja Mohan

Senior Graphic Designer at Salesworks Group Asia

Sam proved to be a terrific person to work with. He is very thorough in everything he does and can be depended upon to get the job done. Has an easiness to build interpersonal relations
with others.
Mark Mesias

— Mark Mesias

Senior Consultant at Oracle